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World Bodhrán Championships Invites Competitors to Milltown in June with €2,500 in Prize Money on Offer

The World Bodhrán Championships in Milltown, County Kerry is inviting bodhrán players from around the world to take part in the competitions at the festival in June which will seek to find the best players in the world. The organisers are offering a prize money package of €2,500 for the winners with specially commissioned trophies worth €1,000 being presented to the best performers.

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Cross-Border Steps

The Shaylyn Traditional Arts Centre recently opened in Ballinamore, Co Leitrim. Established by voluntary community Irish Dance & Music group Shaylyn Ltd.

The centre is being funded by cross border EU funders Interreg and Border Action and will feature a number of exciting initiatives including: the only part time third level training option in Ireland for Irish musicians and dancers in an outreach programme with the University of Ulster.

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Publication of Travel Diaries of Séamus Ennis

‘Mise an fear ceoil’: Séamus Ennis - Dialann Taistil 1942-1946

Ríonach uí Ógáin (editor), ISBN 978 1 905560 07 3, €45 Hardback

Mise an fear ceoil’: Séamus Ennis - Dialann Taistil 1942-1946 is a new book which provides a fascinating insight into the life and work of piper and music collector Séamus Ennis during his period as full-time collector with the Irish Folklore Commission when he worked in counties Galway, Clare, Mayo, Donegal, Limerick and Cavan.

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Better Music Education Seminar

Music Network, with funding from the Arts Council, has launched a strategy to improve music education provision in Ireland that will make music education available to all children irrespective of their geographical location and their social and economic circumstances.A Music Education Working Group has recently been established by Music Network, to raise awareness of the value of music education and of the need for a national system of local music education services. This follows the publication of Music Network’s report A National System of Local Music Education Services - Report of a Feasibility Study 2003.


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