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Recently honoured with the Major Individual Artist Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and holder of the all-Ireland harping championship title, with a reputation that goes well beyond Ireland’s shores, Patricia Daly who is primarily known for her subtle and varied harp repertoire, displaying all the skills acquired over several decades of researching, arranging and playing traditional Irish music has now released a new CD entitled ‘The Spanish Lady’ which is also funded by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


This purely vocal CD contains newly written material compiled by Patricia during the past 5 years. Her Major Individual Artist award will be used towards a new innovative piece of work currently being produced by Patricia to be staged later in the year thus taking her career to further heights.

Patricia has come a long way since she was singled out to perform at Drogheda as part of a trio playing to Pope John Paul II on his visit to Ireland in the late 70s. Her hard-earned CCE All-Ireland Harping Title in the mid 70’s kick-started her solo career, and brought her initial recognition as an acting ambassador for the Irish traditional harp throughout Ireland and further afield.

It was Patricia who also provided the inspiration (and the hard work) for the initiation of the ever more popular annual Edward Bunting Harp Festival in Armagh. One of the highlights of the 2008 festival was a visit from TG4 to televise a solo harp recital given by Mary O’Neill, and to interview Patricia on the importance of the festival, the life and times of Edward Bunting, the technique and life style of the old harpers of the Gael.

On line copies and downloads are available from the website:

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