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Three significant Dubliner’s anniversaries occur this year: Luke Kelly’s 25th, Ciarán Bourke’s 21st and Ronnie Drew’s first anniversary.

To mark this special year, The Dubliners are paying a tribute to their former colleagues by way of a presentation of archive photos, video clips and old sound tracks in their concerts. They will perform in three special home town concerts on 28th, 29th and 30th of December at Vicar Street. John Sheahan has already written poems in honour of Luke and Ronnie and has now added a new poem called “Remembering Ciarán Bourke”. These will be featured in the tributes. Using video clips of selected songs from the past, a collaboration between the old group and the present line-up on stage will be achieved, bridging past and present. Barney McKenna is the only surviving original Dubliner, having formed the band with Like Kelly, Ciaran Bourke and Ronnie Drew in 1962. John Sheahan joined in 1964.

During their Austrian tour in September the Dubliners were invited to the Paulusstube in Vienna, where they were inducted into the prestigious Walk of Stars membership of Vienna - that means they had to put down their handprints in clay for posterity! They are in good company, as already (among many others, check their website for a complete list) are Alice Cooper, Johnny Logan, Elvis’ TCB-Band and Paul Anka. All of whom have contributed their handprints.
There is a gallery of 25 pictures of the ceremony on the Dubliners website at:

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