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The Celtic Colours Festival Society held their Annual General Meeting recently at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, during which they elected a new chair and welcomed four new board members. Robert Sampson, Q.C, a partner in local law firm Sampson McDougall, takes over as chair from Dr. Jacquelyn Scott who held the position since 2007. Dr. Scott had been on the board since 1999 and, along with outgoing board members Ron MacInnis (2007-2010), James Kelly (2007-2010), Pat Murray (2005-2010) and Laura Mercer (2005-2010), had a first-hand involvement in much of the Festival’s progress during the last decade or so.

“I am very pleased that Robert has agreed to assume the post of Chair of Celtic Colours,” said Dr. Scott. “It’s always good to have some rotation in positions – it’s an opportunity for fresh ideas and approaches to the challenges that always face non-profit organizations.” Dr. Scott will remain on the board in the position of Past Chair and member of the Executive and Audit Committee.

Sampson, who served as Vice Chair in 2010, says it is both an honour and a challenge to take on the position of Chair of such an important icon in the Cape Breton community. He noted that amidst the many accolades and successes Celtic Colours has achieved over the past years, likely one of the most important is the fact that there is a true sense of ownership and commitment by all Cape Breton communities throughout the Island. The line-up for the 15th Celtic Colours International Festival will be announced June 27th. Tickets go on sale July 11th.

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