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Stephen Leeson “Isle of Hope” the Album 2011

Multi talented Irish Folk Singer Stephen Leeson officially launched his album “Isle of Hope” (2011) in O’Shea’s Merchant, Merchants Quay, Dublin on Tuesday September 13th at 9.30pm.

The album contains a variety of meaningful Irish folk ballads combined with a mixture of original melodies including two uplifting blues tracks to add a little creativity to the album.  Some of the songs supplied to Stephen from various songwriters around Ireland, as well as, Stephen’s own original track “Walk Tall Blues”, tells inspirational real life heart filled stories which will embrace the people who will connect and relate to the songs on this album both at home and abroad.  Another prime example of this would be the underlying story behind track number four, “Sky Over Ireland”.

There is a real sense of charisma and character about this album as Stephen take songs like Beautiful Affair, Clare to Here and recreates them into his own style making them unique.  There is a lot of emotion underlying each track on the album and listeners can experience this first hand when they listen to the soulful voice of Stephen Leeson who sings the songs with pure heart and true feelings.  The variety of instruments used to in the melodies of each tune ranges from the Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Fiddle, Mandoline, Flute, Whistles, Piano, Bass, Keyboards, in order to set the scene that takes its audience back to their roots, back to an era when these songs had true meaning for the Irish who appeared to have lost their identity during the Celtic Boom but are gradually returning to their old ways as Folk Music reignites their spirits during these struggling times.

The title of the album “Isle of Hope” has very symbolic meaning for Stephen Leeson who after spending a number of years abroad, returned home to live in the Dublin with, a lot of prosperity and hope in his heart despite our current economic crisis.  With Ireland symbolizing Stephen’s “Isle of Hope” it therefore proved to be a perfectly fitting title for his album.

With a total of thirteen tracks, Stephen has been working hard on this Album for the past two years.  He was blessed to have the ability of forming an alliance with such a variety of  talented musicians on the album and carefully selected songs which inspired him on this courageous move to fly solo during these hard economic times, whilst adding his own culture and flare to each given track.  A lot of hard work, effort and endless long hours were put into the creation of this album but it was a journey and endeavour which Stephen Leeson whole heartedly pursued in order to produce this labour of love.

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