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Keep Making Music – ALLMEDIA teams up with MPO

ALLMEDIA was set up in 2012 by Mandy Byrnes. Mandy has been working in replication and music media for over 20 years and is now Ireland’s exclusive agent for one of Europe’s most reliable and long standing companies MPO. Her dedication & attention to detail, as well as superb customer service throughout her years with some of Ireland’s biggest companies is evident in the huge cliental ALLMEDIA now continues to work with.

In Mandy’s experience, offering a high quality product is the main priority. This high standard led to the partnership with MPO, an incredibly professional service and product provider in Europe.

There is no doubt that the music industry is unstable, and even more true that replication has and continues to decline, ALLMEDIA are here to keep you supplied with manufacturing on CDs /DVD’s & Vinyl while you need it and all the while looking ahead to be ready for your future. We are ready with new innovative media solutions for when you need to change. We are here to listen to YOU.

Whether you are an individual artist, record label or corporate client we have endless experience with a wide range of media outlets from education to business, music to film.

AllMedia & MPO are delighted to be part of The Irish Music Magazine 2013 CD Sampler. A partnership we are confident that will continue for many years.

For further information you can contact Mandy Byrnes at

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