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Felix Dolan, one of the true gentlemen of the tradition passed away at home in Scarsdale, New York on April 7th aged 76 years. Felix Dolan was noted for his stylish and very sensitive piano playing and his album A Tribute to Michael Coleman with Andy McCann and Joe Burke is one of the seminal recordings of Irish’ American music of the twentieth century.

A busy musician, he began playing the button box in the 1940’s. Known for his live performances and his mentoring of young talent, although he has not left us a large legacy of recorded work, but what he did commit to vinyl and CD was of the highest quality. Never what we now call a full–time professional musician, he was employed for over thirty years by IBM, rising to their head of security. He took a break from the music whilst he raised his family and returned to playing after his retirement. Dolan was a hugely influential and well–liked figure both in New York, North America and in Ireland. We extend our sympathies to his family and many friends on both sides of the Atlantic.

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