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The Online Academy of Irish Music – New Online Beginner Mandolin Course with Paddy Cummins

Do you want to learn the Mandolin? If so, Paddy Cummin’s new Mandolin Basics course is the one for you. The first six lessons of this course are absolutely free, so log–in and get learning!

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner mandolin player. It begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture and good basic technique are all important fundaments that will be addressed in the early lessons. There will be a progressive study of scales, plectrum motions, and ornamentation throughout the series of lessons. The Mandolin Basics course will equip the beginner player with the necessary rudiments to journey along the adventurous road of Irish music making. By the end of the course, the learner will have a repertoire of fourteen popular Irish tunes, the ability to play basic chords and triplets and a deeper understanding of the Irish music tradition.

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