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News from Al’s Banjos

Alan O’ Rourke from County Wicklow in Ireland makes Genuine Handcrafted Irish Tenor Banjos. They are custom made for each banjo to the clients’ requirements. Clients can visit the workshop where they can chat at length about what it is that they want in their Banjo ie; what kind of Tone Ring they would like, which type of solid timber they want their banjo made from and what design they would like, the type of action they require, whether they would like an Ebony or Rosewood finger board and peg head. Also the type of Pearl inlays they would choose, and finish they prefer whether Gloss or Matte etc. Once the design etc has been confirmed work on each Banjo will take between 4/5 weeks depending on  the workload in hand. Alan will always welcome back each client during the making of the banjo, especially to see the resonator and rim being formed as this is always quite an interesting part of banjo making.

Alan states “I feel my banjos are quite unique to the market as they are not like any other banjo out there. My designs and style are my own and stand out, as I think many would agree. They are something different which is what everyone likes I feel. So please feel free to contact me for your ‘own style’ of banjo.”

For further information you can contact Alan O’Rourke at Tel: 087 2749673. Email:

Web: Facebook: Al’s Banjos Twitter: Alan O Rourke@AlsBanjos

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