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New Album from Dàimh – Tuneship

Goat Island Music, GIMCD003

Tuneship marks the latest chapter in Dàimh’s musical journey. After experiencing their first personnel change in 14 years the band, often dubbed “The Gaelic SuperGroup”, have returned stronger than ever with an exciting and inspired new line–up.
Based entirely in the West Highlands (more than half the band living on the Hebridean islands of Eigg and Skye) the band have drawn both on their native surroundings and experiences while touring the Northern hemisphere to compose all the instrumental material.  Very much keeping within the Highland tradition, the band’s trademark driving pipe and fiddle led fireworks are still to the fore yet also present is a new found dexterity in the arrangement and performance of subtler, more personal pieces.

Griogair Labhruidh makes his impressive debut with the band on vocals with three songs sourced from his ancestral homeland of Ballachulish, showing why he is considered one of the finest Gealic singers, not only in Scotland but also with a reputation extending deep into the Gaeltachts of Ireland.

The depth of understanding and passion in Griogair’s singing further highlights the band’s roots in their beloved West Lochaber and North Argyll yet blends perfectly with their cutting edge compositions and contemporary arrangements to create a consummate snapshot of Gaelic music in today’s Scottish Highlands.

Recorded in Glenfinnan and named after a 1000–year–old Viking warship, Tuneship is released on Goat Island Records and is available either on CD or special limited edition Tea Towel with a digital download code.

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