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Eagle Music Shop presents the ‘Deering Banjos 40th Anniversary’ UK Event

Saturday November 7th 2015, North Light Gallery, Huddersfield

A fabulous celebration day featuring some of the world’s greatest musicians with special artists the Kruger Brothers and support band JigJam. This will be our 9th consecutive year of this ever popular event with The Deering Banjo Company.

Our guests Greg, Janet and Jamie Deering will hold an on stage discussion about their awesome ‘40 Years of Making Banjos’.  This will be an opportunity for you to personally meet The Deering family.

The day will be packed with wonderful music,  workshops, jam sessions, on-stage performances and demonstrations topped off with an evening concert from the world renowned ‘ Kruger Brothers’ supported by Ireland’s JigJam Traditional Irish / Bluegrass fusion band.

Pat Kelleher, from Dripsey, County Cork  will be heading a Long Neck Banjo Workshop in the afternoon. This will be a rare chance to spend an hour and catch up with one of the Europe’s most respected Long Neck Banjo players.

We’re delighted to have Bill Forster with us on the day, one of the most respected UK banjo teachers, Bill will hold an Intermediate to Advanced Bluegrass Banjo Workshop in the afternoon.

Our Eagle Music stall at the event will offer you the opportunity to browse what will be as always the largest selection of Deering Banjos and accessories ever to be displayed for public viewing in the world with many special 40th Anniversary Deals!

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