Irish Music Magazine - October 2000


Kieran Goss The Genuine Article

Following the success of Kieran Goss's fifth album in Ireland, the popular Newry-born singer-songwriter spoke to Paul O'Brien. Find out how Kieran promotes his own work.

Pipe Dreaming

When the McNamara family's Leitrim's Hidden Treasure appeared in 1998 it picked up awards and accolades. Now Brian McNamara has launched his own album, and again the praise is flowing in. Brian talks about the meticulous making of the album with Seán Laffey.

A Hard Station in the Seminary

Once a year IMRO invites one hundred songwriters to a ten-day seminar, in which experimentation, collaboration and risk taking are expected and encouraged. Seán Laffey joins the fun and answers some serious questions.

The Road from Connemara

Back in 1964 the folk singer, collector and political activist Ewan MacColl met with the traditional singer Joe Heaney. The conversations and the songs sung during that meeting are the raw materials of a new CD. Seán Laffey brings us the background.

United Kingdom

The Return to Camden Town Festival

For many the Traditional Irish Pub session was born in North London in and around Camden Town. Now, forty years on, the second Return to Camden Town festival promises to bring the spirit of the pure drop back to the English capital. Seán Laffey reports.

The Governor's Reunion - Cropredy Festival

Fairport Convention's annual reunion is now a three day festival, thousands flock to the small Oxfordshire Village to hear the cream of UK Folk Rock. John O'Regan reports.


Strictly Aragon

Irish Music Magazine will be representing the traditional and folk branches of the Irish Music Industry at Strictly Mundial 2000, part of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. Bea Torreadrado comes clean on the conference.

Piping Hot in Lorient

From the outset Lorient has been a piping festival, the town is bagpipe mad, where else would you get a crowd of 800 into an auditorium to hear two hours of pure traditional uilleann piping? Sean Laffey reports from the hot house of Celtic Creativity.

North America

Gaelic Roots

Peter Damashek gets the low down on the lift at this year's big Boston summer school.

Gone West along the Road

On the eve of a major Irish and British tour of The Crossing, Cindy Reich ponders the Irish provenance of American country music with Tim O'Brien.

Getting Vocal with Solas

In the first of a two-part article on Solas, Earle Hitchner focuses on their lead singer, Tipperary born Deirdre Scanlan, and the impact she's had on stage with them during her first year in the band.


Regional Report Ennis

Phil Gaston reports from the self proclaimed capital of Irish traditional music, and previews the upcoming November Traditional Music Festival.

Up and Coming - Enda Scahill

If the traditional banjo has a future, Scahill is the man to take it there. Enda talks necks, toner rings and the wise Mr Cussen with Ita Kelly.

Tuition Tips from Waltons

Droning and Cross Bowing are examined in this month's masterclass.

Story Behind the Tune

'Bruach na Carraige Báine' An old song, with a written pedigree of nearly 200 years, and yet it is featured on two of our CD reviews this month. Good stuff will always bubble to the surface, John Brophy has the words and the background on.

The Music Makers - Clare Tin Whistles

It was said of whistles and flutes they were the perfect poor man's instrument, once bought you needed nothing else (only time and talent), no strings to change, reeds to go squeaky or bellows to go leaky. John Brophy discovers the raw materials of tradition deep in Rathgar.

Thunderbolts & Lightning

From Dingle to the concert halls of the world, Charlie Piggot can trace his musical inspiration to a time when he played for nobody in the dark. Story from Alison M Brock.

Live Reviews

Traditional Music at the NCH, Dúchas in Dolan's and a special Dublin tribute to Johnny Keenan.

CD Reviews

Another 4 page selection of CD Offerings brought to you in association with HMV.