Review: Eileen Ivers

by Michael Ryan

'Roisin Dubh', Galway, 23/4/96

Her current involvement in 'Riverdance', coupled with the fact that her new CD 'Wild Blue' has received mainly good reviews, is proof positive that Eileen Ivers' star is on the rise.

Ivers is a traditional fiddle player with a liking for jazz style improvisation; she takes a tune - begins with the basic melody, and gradually veers off in a number of different directions.

Tonight, on her blue electric fiddle, she played some seriously innovative versions of some of the old standards - a smoochie 'Rights of Man' (hornpipe), a wild 'Jenny's Chickens' (with special effects), an easy paced version of the reel 'Maudabawn Chapel'; of less familiar material the intriguing French piece 'DNA Bourrees' and the marvellous bluegrass number 'The Lost Train', were welcome additions to her repertoire.

Throughout the night Ms Ivers was well served by a rhythm section comprised of the excellent John Doyle on Acoustic guitar and Ben Wittman on drums.

So it was the usual passion, grace and fire from New York's finest; after several encores Eileen closed her set with the gentle 'Lament for Staker Wallace' and to a standing ovation, left the stage.

June 1996