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  • Chiff & Fipple - unless you can show otherwise this is the Internet’s most comprehensive guide to tinwhistles.
  • The Whistle Workshop - dedicated to the penny whistle, including basic tips and tunes
  • Welcome to WhistleTutor - Your source for whistle tutorials and information.
  • Parkhurst Whistles - Hand made copper two peice penny whistles.
  • Shanna Quay - based in Co. Limerick and offers a selection of hand-crafted Tin Whistles
  • Daniel Bigamon’s Page - Maker of Tin Whistles
  • Mk Music was founded by Misha Somerville in 2000 with the aim of creating the world’s finest whistles. Working from a workshop by Loch Ness, Scotland
  • Hi! This is Mr Wetyer welcoming you to Big Whistle Music.