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Dear Far-voiced Veteran Tom Munnelly

Veteran folk song collector Tom Munnelly is very ill and some of his collegues and friends have assembled a festschrift of 24 essays in his honour, the details of which are to be found on the O.A.C (Oidhreacht An Chláir) website

Dear Far-voiced Veteran is the title of a collection of essays launched on 19 May 2007, in honour of OaC director, Tom Munnelly.The volume is edited by Anne Clune, also a director of OaC and published by the Old Kilfarboy Society. The launch, by Cathal Goan, was held in the Bellbridge House Hotel and was attended by a large and appreciative audience.

To view the list of essays contained in the book go to and follow the links to the contents listing.

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