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The Music Network/Arts Council Music Recording Scheme is funded by the Arts Council and managed by Music Network in lieu of the Arts Council’s own Music Recording Scheme. The scheme will provide support for professional performers and composers in Ireland through awarding funding for music recording. A total award fund of €71,500 is available in 2007 and awards of up to €10,000 will be made.

Music Network also invites applications for the final round of the Performance and Touring Award in 2007. Music Network established the Performance and Touring Award in 2006 with funding from the Arts Council to provide support and work for professional musicians in Ireland. The Performance and Touring Award aims to assist Irish and Ireland-based musicians in realising performance opportunities; to offer increased employment opportunities to Irish musicians; develop the skills base of Irish artists in areas such as project planning and administration, self-promotion and self-management; and offer a new source of music programming to concert promoters, and in turn to audiences throughout Ireland.

The award is open to musicians and ensembles of all genres that are of Irish nationality or resident in Ireland. Projects eligible for the award will include tours, concert series and individual concerts to take place anywhere within the Republic of Ireland. The award is also open to multidisciplinary projects with live music as a key element, and to collaborative projects involving other Irish or visiting international artists.

For further information, please contact: Louise Walsh, Music Network Music Network, The Coach House, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2, phone 01 671 9429 or 087 249 8713, or via email:

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