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Temple Records artist, Alison Kinnaird has had her website overhauled and redesigned and it’s online now. Alison is one of the foremost exponents of Scottish harp music, playing both gut and wire-strung Scottish harps. She was the first player to make a recording of Scottish harp music, and co-wrote (with Keith Sanger) the history of harp in Scotland, as well as producing many other recordings and printed collections of music.

She is also one of the world’s leading engravers, with work in public, royal and private collections throughout Europe, United States and the Far East.
The glass ranges from small intimate pieces, to architectural installations, which incorporate light and colour. A recipient of many awards and winner of many competitions, her contribution was recognised in 1997, when she was presented with an M.B.E. for services to art and music. She is much in demand, at home and abroad, as a performer, a lecturer, and teacher in both her fields.

You can see her website at:

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