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Folk Radio UK is an independent internet radio station which plays a vast selection of Celtic and Traditional music of the British Isles and Ireland from both the past and present. The broadcast is commercial free and runs continuously 24 hours a day.

Folk Radio UK was started by Alex Gallacher in response to the lack of airplay being given to British and Irish folk by mainstream media. The station is run with the support of listener donations.

The station plays a very diverse range of music from Gaelic singing to English Country Dance, from The Watersons and Nic Jones to Karen Matheson and Shooglenifty. The music changes on a daily basis which keeps the station both fresh and enjoyable. There are also two weekly recorded shows: “Home Brewed”, hosted by Alex and “The Guest List” hosted by Alan O’Leary (formerly of Spyda Radio, CMR and resident DJ at Cambridge Folk Festival) of Copperplate Consultants. Both shows have their own individual style and feature a wide mix of music including folk from further afield.

The station is very different to most other internet stations. There are no commercials or interruptions to the music. It consists of a non-stop daily play list that changes on a daily basis to keep a fresh sound. The only banter is during the two weekly shows. There are frequent giveaways: CDs, DVDs and, more recently, festival tickets to “Sligo Live”. Listeners can also vote for music as they listen, the results of which go to make up a Top 40 that’s published every week.

The station is supported by listeners and has a great community spirit. It has a very comprehensive website with a wealth of information from in-depth details on new music, interviews, reviews, videos and articles on folklore. The site also boasts a friendly and thriving community forum where listeners frequently discuss the music played, new artists, festivals, folklore and anything else for that matter. The community is made up of a good mix of those that are well versed in folk music to complete newbie’s wanting to be introduced to new music.

Folk Radio UK sponsored the Two Rivers Folk Festival at Chepstow in July this year which has resulted in an increased interest in the work Folk Radio UK is doing to promote British and Irish traditional music.

You can listen by visiting You can contact Alex through his website or via

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