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The Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast, in association with the International Computer Music Association and the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, is proud to be hosting ICMC 2008. The Conference will take place between 24-29 August 2008 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The Conference provides an opportunity to showcase works for tape and video which exploit the unique 46-channel diffusion system at SARC.
In line with the theme for 2008, the Conference also exposes the synergies between computer music and traditional musics. For 2008 there will be a particular emphasis on Irish traditional music and a new ensemble has been established which comprises internationally renowned contemporary and Irish traditional music specialists. The ‘Roots’ Ensemble is designed to explore the juxtaposition of two distinct performance practices and musical languages through the creation of new repertoire. It comprises flute(s), saxophone(s), trombone, piano, violin, cello, percussion, Irish fiddle, Irish harp, accordion, and uilleann pipes. Composers may submit works for any of these instruments but we especially welcome new works for combinations of Irish traditional and contemporary instruments, including larger works for 8 or more instruments. Please see the ‘Trad’ page on for information about the Irish instruments and links to video clips.

In addition, and with the assistance of the BBC, a Chamber ensemble from the Ulster Orchestra will be available. This comprises: 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 1 double bass, 2 flutes (1 doubling piccolo), 2 oboes (1 doubling cor anglais), 2 Bb clarinets (1 doubling bass clarinet), 2 bassoons (1 doubling contrabassoon), 1 french horn, 1 trumpet, 1 trombone, 1 tuba, timpani (1 player), 3 percussion, 1 keyboard. Submissions for this ensemble must be for no fewer than 14 instruments.

Please note: submissions for smaller forces must be for the ‘Roots’ Ensemble instruments. Music for other instrumental resources will be considered, but composers will be responsible for sourcing their own performers. Where possible, modest financial help may be offered to facilitate this.

The submission period for all music/paper/demo contributions is 1 December
2007 - 25 January 2008. Details on the submission process were posted on on 1 December 2007.

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