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The Garden Wars - Rónán Ó Snodaigh

The Garden Wars (published Dec ’07) is a new collection of poems by Rónán Ó Snodaigh. Caught in the crossfire between bracken, bramble, gorse and garden escapees, these are Rónán’s eyewitness accounts of the ongoing seasonal skirmishes, love stories and undercover activities that take place daily in our landscape. This is a subject close to Rónán’s heart, as he spends a lot of time studying the sometimes subversive behaviour of certain species’ in his garden


Rónán Ó Snodaigh was born in Dublin 1970. He is a prolific musician, writer and performer in both Irish and English. He has travelled throughout the world performing with many musicians including Zakir Hussein and  Lisa Gerrard and with the  bands Kíla and Dead Can Dance.
A founding member of Kíla, Rónán is recognized as one of Ireland’s best and most innovative bodhran players and  percussionists. Described by John Walsh (Hot Press) as ‘the living embodiment of Turlough O Carolan and Bob Marley’, Rónán has also been creating a stir as a singer songwriter in both English and Irish. His songs are lyrically beautiful with an edginess to their sound that is quite unique. Somewhere between folk and rock, there is an organic charm to his music, which is as surprising as it is endearing.

2003 saw Rónán’s first venture into writing with the long awaited publication of Luscadán a stunning collection of Irish language poems and songs. This was followed the following year by his English book of song lyrics ‘Songs’.
The Garden Wars is his first full volume of poetry.

Rónán has  released four solo albums The Last Mile Home(2007) The Playdays (2005), Tonnta Ró (2004) and Tip Toe (2001) as well as seven albums with Kíla the most recent being August’s Gamblers’ Ballet 2007.

The Garden Wars will be launched at the Mansion House, Dublin on Tuesday 11th December, opening by Éamon de Búitléar.

For more information please contact Sarah Glennane

Tel: 086 4021179

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