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Mozaik’s first studio album available January 15, 2008

“It isn’t easy to select a favorite from this album of songs and tunes….an experienced and talented lot.” - IRISH MUSIC MAGAZINE

“Spirit-shocking, genre-bending music… sublime in execution…” - THE IRISH TIMES

NASHVILLE, TN (January 15, 2008) - Departing from an Irish pub circa 1962 and passing through Hungary for a chance encounter with a blue-eyed beauty before stopping in the Virginias for an old-fashioned hoedown, Mozaik’s Changing Trains is a musical journey hindered not by genre, place or time signature. Recorded in 2005 in Budapest, Mozaik’s first studio album explores and celebrates the fusion of Irish, European and American folk music. While Changing Trains is a “unique cross-cultural exercise” (Irish Music Magazine), the strength of this album lies within each individual member’s deep respect and understanding of their own musical traditions.

Mozaik are Ireland’s Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny (both original members of Planxty), American born old-time musician Bruce Molsky, Dutch guitarist Rens van der Zalm, and Hungarian multi-instrumentalist Nikola Parov. Together they form the ultimate global string band with a legendary lineage. It was on a lengthy drive through Australia that the great Irish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Irvine first envisioned Mozaik. According to Irvine, “The Muse said ‘Get a bunch of your favorite musicians together and do a tour of this beautiful country.’” He continues, “I pondered for not very long before emailing the suspects I had in mind. To my delight they were all into it and thus emerged Mozaik - a band to die for…”

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