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Green Linnet to release Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill’s
Welcome Here Again on February 12, 2008
First studio album in over a decade

“Hayes has one of the most ravishing violin styles in all of Celtic music…Cahill’s gentle, supportive accompaniment adds precisely the right touch.”

Irish fiddle virtuoso Martin Hayes and Chicago-born guitarist Dennis Cahill possess a rare, almost telepathic musical kinship. The duo’s new album, Welcome Here Again, is a fresh departure; eighteen tracks, not one of them over seven minutes, but with that same burning intensity and depth of emotion found in their previous collaborations, The Lonesome Touch (1997) and Live in Seattle (1999). It was once common for Irish musicians to record one tune at a time, to make each one a self-contained masterpiece and in Welcome Here Again this tradition is revived. The mesmeric rhythms, the tantalizing slow release of melody, the extra tone from viola or tuned-down fiddle, all of that and more can be found on this album.

Welcome Here Again is the first release on Green Linnet  since it’s acquisition by the Compass Records Group in 2006. Beginning March 1, 2008, the Compass Records Group will kick off a year long Green Linnet re-launch campaign.

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