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The MBF Student Health Scheme offers financial assistance with the treatment of performance-related health problems, both physical and psychological. A student suffering from any health issue affecting their ability to perform can apply to the MBF for a treatment grant, which can be used to pay for sessions with an appropriate therapist or practitioner.

Typically, following assessment by a BAPAM (British Association of Performing Arts Medicine) GP, a student will be awarded an initial treatment grant of €355 to pay for the treatment that has been recommended. A further €355 can be made available if the practitioner recommends further treatment. €710 is the maximum that any student can receive.

The scheme is available to music students specialising in performance at degree level at any institution in Ireland.

Eligibility guidelines:

Applicants should be enrolled in a full-time music-based course, specialising in performance, at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
Applicants who are not British or Irish must have been resident in the UK or Ireland for at least three years prior to their application.
The MBF can only help with treatment costs whilst the applicant is a full-time student.
The MBF cannot help with the costs of routine healthcare.

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