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Chicago’s CFS Tours is proud to announce that it has reached agreement with Irish Music Magazine’s Bill Margeson to conduct a very special musical tour, November 1-10, 2008. The tour is called, The Great Sights and Sounds of Ireland. Starting in Dublin, the tour will also include Westport, Galway, Dingle and Ennis in a comprehensive daytime schedule of the great sights and experiences of the Irish capitol and west coast. There will be nightly musical sessions planned by Margeson, including private evenings for the Tour with button box legend, David Munnelly in Westport, five-time All-Ireland banjo champion, Enda Scahill in Galway, and Female Vocalist of the Year, Eilis Kennedy in Dingle. The Tour will conclude with the final evening being at the closing night of the annual, Ennis Traditional Music Festival in Co. Clare.

CFS Tours President, Bev Chesterfield, states, ” We are thrilled that Bill is with us to direct the musical portion of this tour. There are so many musicians joining David Munnelly, Eilis Kennedy and Enda Scahill at each of our sessions that it will truly be a magical experience. Bill seems to know everyone, and it also seems they are all coming to our special sessions! We are so proud to offer the Great Sights and Sounds Tour featuring the real, true music of Ireland’s heart and soul, as well as many of the Isle’s wondrous sights.”.

Details can be reviewed at or by calling the Chicago firm at 815-351-1355.

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