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New Book of Songs
Ciarán Ó Fáthara – Amhráin is a collection of the songs of the Connemara songsmith and broadcaster, Ciarán Ó Fátharta, edited by Síle Denvir. Ó Fátharta has built up an excellent reputation for his songwriting and his songs are performed by many singers and groups in Connemara including John Beag Ó Flatharta and Beairtle Ó Domhnaill. The particular style of song came to the fore during the eighties when the Irish economy was in the doldrums and unemployment was high. The songs also gave the local community a morale boost, celebrating events of both local and national interest such as the sailing tradition in Connemara, boxing hero, Seán Ó Mainnín and the state of the roads. The songs are sung in a style particular to Connemara, influenced by both the country and western and the sean-nós styles. The songs are, in general, well-known in Connemara already but this is the first time that the definitive versions of the songs have been published. The book includes the words to the songs, the notation and the background, as well as an introductory essay on the phenomenon of this type of filíocht bhéil, or oral poetry, in Connemara.
CD by Nóra Ghriallais

There is limited stock now available of the CD Nóra Ghriallais from the Connemara sean-nós singer. The CD was first released to great success in 1993 and has been unavailable in recent years until now. Nóra Ghriallais is from Muiceanach Idir Dhá Sháile and comes from a family renowned for their singing. The CD has ten tracks in total and costs €18.

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