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This CD is the culmination of Phil’s seven years of making music with whistles. Phil’s compositions stem from his exploration of traditional
music, with a heavy celtic influence. You will hear the influence of Michael McGoldrick, Donal Lunny, and John McCusker in Phil’s music. The tracks span
genres from Afro-Celt to Ancient Kerry but always with the celtic influence and the well known and ever popular low whistle sound.

The Low Whistle has been around since the 70s, but its unique sound was more recently brought to the world’s attention by its use in Riverdance and the
music from the film Titanic. The sound you know from Riverdance, Titanic and countless other productions is the low whistle, made in England by musician
Phil Hardy of Kerry Whistles.

Phil Hardy is a very talented all round musician who plays a wide range of instruments, particularly the Low Whistle itself. The low whistle is twice
the size of a normal tin whistle, and produces a haunting tone subtly different from flute or whistle. In this album, Phil explores the potential
of this beautiful instrument in haunting celtic melodies and fast foot-stomping tunes with a world music influence.

“The really great things about this album are that it’s all very polished and Phil is an outstandingly good whistle player … In general this recording is an overwhelming success as a showcase for both Phil Hardy and Kerry whistles. A real eye-opener, this one - if whistles are your thing, give it a whirl.”
Alex Monaghan

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