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This year’s Northeast Tionól will be held at Gavin’s Resort in East Durham, New York (Catskills) from October 24th-26th, 2008. In addition to all the great piping instructors (Mick O’Brien, Ivan Goff, Cillian Vallely, Debbie Quigley, Cormac Cannon, and others), the great fiddlers, Patrick Ourceau and Breda Keville, will be teaching. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity for fiddle students, and there’s still room in the classes. Patrick and Breda will also perform in the instructors’ concert Saturday night, October 25th. Patrick is well-known to New York-area fiddlers; Breda is from East Galway and is steeped in the music of fiddlers from East Clare and Galway such as Paddy Fahey, Bobby Casey, Paddy Canny, and Joe Ryan.
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