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Irish Song writer becomes a ‘Million-Air’
Founder member of The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO), Brendan Graham has now officially been included in an exclusive club with the world’s top songwriters.
Brendan Graham is no one hit wonder. He penned Ireland’s two last Eurovision winners Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids (1994) and The Voice (1996). His more folksy material such as Crucán na bPáiste, and Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, has been recorded by a broad array of artistes from Sean Keane to New York Metropolitan Opera star, Young Ok Shin. Perhaps his best-known song You Raise Me Up, (a co-write with Secret Garden’s Rolf Lovland) has been performed at both the Winter and Summer Olympics, The Superbowl, the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, the opening of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the White House and also the state funeral of George Best.
So popular is the song that it has entered popular culture and become a ‘Million-Air’ on US Radio stations. Only 3,900 (0.06%) songs of the 6.5 million works which BMI represent, have ever been awarded Million-Air certificates.
To be included in this exclusive roster a song must have been broadcast over one million times on American radio. This definition equals at least 50,000 broadcast hours, or more than 5.7 years of continuous airplay. Well done to the Mayo-based song-maker.

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