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The fifth Liet Lavlut pan-European song-contest for minority languages, held in Luleå, Sweden, was won by the Corsican, Jacques Culioli, with his song Hosanna in Excelsis. The jury award, sponsored by the Council of Europe, was presented to the winner by Alexey Kozhemyakov, the Council of Europe official responsible for the Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.
Eleven artists participated, representing minority languages across Europe from Brittany and Wales to Galicia, northern Scandinavia and the Republic of Mordovia (Russia).
“The Council of Europe is proud to support the Liet Lavlut festival because it substantially contributes to the richness of Europe, its culture and its diversity, and we are particularly happy that the universal language of music has proven so attractive to the young”, said Sonia Parayre, a Council of Europe official. Since the event began in 2002, it has developed into a major cultural festival, highlighting Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity.
Apart from music, the festival also covers literature, film, and arts and crafts, with seminars and meetings about minority languages and regional issues.
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