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The Francis McPeake School of Music which started in Belfast during troubled times, has become an icon within the music world. The School is a world renowned centre of excellence in traditional music tuition, providing Belfast with culture for the past 31 years. Indeed, since 1977, the School has been changing the lives of everyone within our community irrespective of their background.

This legacy is now in peril. The School has no funding therefore placing the future of this cultural beacon, which has been in operation since 1977, in jeopardy. Francis McPeake stated “After 31 years of teaching music in Belfast, the very thought of the School closing is very saddening. The School has now reached a crisis point and we need the help of everyone within our community, both nationally and , to come onboard with our campaign and ensure there is a home for both our present and future students to learn music.”

The Francis McPeake School of Music, intent upon continuing its success has devised an ingenious idea to raise funds. The ‘Mystery Mosaic’ Campaign features a mosaic made up of 3000 tiles to be purchased by music lovers, businesses and individuals. Once the mosaic is completed, the finished design will appear on the homepage of, a physical representation of the completed mosaic will have a civic unveiling in a public venue and ultimately it will feature on the new CD cover of the Francis McPeake School of Music. All details can be found on the official website

The Francis McPeake School of Music is a very special place, both to the people it serves and in the wider society of Belfast and Northern Ireland. From its humble beginnings in the small parish hall of Clonard Monastery at the heart of West Belfast, to its current home within Belfast City Centre, housing both dedicated teaching space and recording studio, the Francis McPeake School of Music has been held in high regard as a cradle of traditional music in Northern Ireland since 1977.

Anyone wishing to support the School by purchasing a tile within the mosaic will have their own Company or personal logo on their purchased tile within the homepage, a direct link to their own website, or if the purchaser does not have a website, a tile will be created for them. This cross-referencing of website links will also act as a natural forum for all purchasers to cross-pollinate. Additionally, those wishing to support the School can pre-order the School CD or donate to the School online at

With your help – the School can keep the doors open and develop new programmes that will reach an even greater number of people within our community.

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