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May 15th-17th, 2009
Islands and the Waters Between

Once again Galway Early Music Festival is inviting Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music lovers to visit Galway and enjoy a weekend of exciting concerts, inspiring workshops with world-famous musicians, enjoyable free events for adults and children, and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the post-concert festival club.

This year’s Festival theme is Islands and the Waters Between. In the past, islands were both culturally isolated and cultural meeting points. Water divided them from the mainland, but the waters around them were highways. This year’s Festival is an exciting voyage to Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque Cyprus, Guernsey, Ireland and other ports of call, encountering mermaids, sirens, sailors and romance along the way.

On this journey the spectators will be lead by globally renowned master musicians Andrew Lawrence-King, whose electrifying harp playing is irresistible; The Harp Consort, well-known for their thrilling improvisational approach to Early Music; and Ensemble Unicorn, who make the broad spectrum and vitality of medieval and early Renaissance music accessible to any audience. They extend their warm welcome to Galway, a city made up of Islands, joined to the mainland by bridges, guarded at the mouth of the bay by the Aran Islands, and the westernmost city on the Island of Ireland.

For more details please visit or Tel: 087-930 5506.

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