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Until the Cows come Home is the name of the new CD from a combination of a pair of Scots and German duos, both of which will be well-known to our readers. Fiddle player, Gudrun Walther and guitarist Juergen Treyz from the German band Cara have teamed up with Claire Mann flute) and Aaron Jones (bouzouki and guitar) for this cross-European collaboration.

So how did two Scottish and two German musicians end up playing music together? A number of sessions shared on the vibrant traditional music scene and a shared passion and love for traditional music that was where it all started. They claim on their web-site.

Bouzouki player Aaron Jones told us “Although we had crossed paths along the road over several years, we met properly in June 2006 at Wimborne Folk festival in Dorset, England. Gudrun and Juergen were playing with their band “Cara” and Claire and myself with ours Secret Orders.”

The album is released on the Folker and Rough Trade Labels.

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