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As soon as the band returns from the USA after their March tour they’ll be back into the recording studio to start work on a new album. All being well, they’ll be hoping to have a new recording available by the time they head out on the ‘40th Anniversary Milestone Tour in Germany, Switzerland & France’ in January 2010.

On 3rd April 2009 Battlefield Band will be playing at the Folixa na Primavera festival in Mieres, Asturias - these Spanish style festivals are always great; running right through the night, and this will be a show to look forward to!

The band are also playing at the Burns Festival in Ayr on the 24th May, at ‘The Gathering’ in Edinburgh on 25th & 26th July - part of Scotland’s year of homecoming celebrations, and there are shows in Bury, Lincoln & at Cleckheaton Festival later in the year.

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