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Celtic Legends, the traditional music and dance show that started in tiny venues in France six years ago has now grown and is filling huge venues across Europe, having played to over one million people already. The Celtic Legends CD and DVD released by France Television and Universal France hit the French charts in the Top 40 the week it was released.

The management team behind the show has recently invited Chicago based musicians, Liz Knowles and Kieran O Hare on board as their new composers. The show’s creator, Eric Dessauvages, and creative director, Michael Londra, decided on the pair when looking for a new artistic team to work with.
“In our opinion Liz and Kieran represent the best of what Irish music is today.” Londra continued, “They combine not only excellent musicianship but also are aware of the demands of showmanship and the theatrical elements of a big show like Legends. This is rare in traditional Irish music. The Celtic Legends organisation is thrilled to bring Liz and Kieran on board.”
Eric Dessauvages said, “When searching for a new creative team we wanted the best in the world. Liz and Kieran were the obvious choices. We have many plans for the future for new shows and hope that both of them will be with us for those new projects for a long time to come.
Having completed a sold out arena tour in France, they have a busy schedule for 2009 including a mammoth visit to China playing the biggest theatres in many of its largest cities, a US tour and three month stop in Reno and a tour of South America plus many more European dates in the autumn.

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