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The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) welcomed President of Ireland, Mary McAleese as honoured guest at the launch of their newly refurbished headquarters ‘Copyright House’ on Pembroke Row, Dublin 2. The reception was attended by over one hundred key figures in the Irish music industry including Paul Brady, Eleanor McEvoy, Johnny McEvoy and Brendan Graham, who gathered to celebrate IMRO’s twenty-year involvement in promoting and protecting the music of Ireland’s creative community.

Speaking at the opening, Victor Finn, CEO of IMRO said: “The members of IMRO are honoured that President McAleese has presided over the official opening of our newly refurbished headquarters. Irish music and artists have been at the forefront of music creativity globally for many years. They act as cultural ambassadors around the world contributing hugely to the awareness of Ireland and its rich music and cultural tradition. President McAleese’s presence here today undoubtedly pays tribute to and acknowledges the important role that music creators make in all our lives and re-affirms the importance of the need to protect the rights of these artists in a rapidly evolving music marketplace”.

Keith Donald, Chairman of IMRO said: “We are here today not only to celebrate the official opening of Copyright House but also to acknowledge the important cultural, social and financial impact that all Irish music representative bodies, organisations and companies make in Ireland and throughout the world. For our Irish music industry to continue to flourish, it is essential that all stakeholders, including the industry and many aspects of Government, work together to create an environment that stimulates and nourishes a vibrant and creative industry”.

IMRO is a national organisation that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members - songwriters, composers and music publishers - and on behalf of the members of the international overseas societies that are affiliated to it. IMRO’s function is to collect and distribute royalties arising from the public performance of copyright works. IMRO is a not-for-profit organization and all distributable royalties collected by IMRO are paid directly to the people who compose, publish, and write the music that is publicly performed.

IMRO is also prominently involved in the sponsorship and promotion of music in Ireland. Every year it sponsors a large number of song contests, music festivals, seminars, workshops, research projects and showcase performances.

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