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Coscán have been together for over a decade and their new CD, Dinnsenchas: Lore of Places, takes the listener on a unique musical journey. Mixing old and new, songs and instrumental music, Dinnseanhas creates its own musical lore through a diverse range of styles. The original music includes Irish style reels, hornpipes, airs and the atmospheric ‘Tara Jig’, which tries to evoke the ambience of Ireland’s ancient capital.

With ‘Dogovic Goes East’ and ‘Caballo’, the band has composed music tinged with East European and Spanish influences and there are also older tunes from Ireland, Galicia and the Andean heights of South America. The timeless ‘Siúil a Rúin’ laments a lover’s departure for France after defeat in battle in Ireland while the haunting ‘Still Waiting’ deals with a more contemporary problem in the Co. Meath village of Slane. ‘The Tinvane’ starts out in the style of a traditional jig but wanders less conventional paths as it develops, commemorating one of the most intimate Irish centres of traditional and folk music in the 1970s.

The intoxicating blend of voices, fiddle, whistles, accordion, guitar, keyboards and percussion on this album embraces the best of Irish traditional music while also going beyond to explore other musical avenues. Like the tales that made up the ancient Irish Dinnsenchas, it aims to evoke a sense of wonder and delight in the places to which its music travels. The passion and energy that marks Coscán’s live performances has been powerfully captured on this studio recording which cannot be compared to anything else in contemporary Irish music.

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