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A brand new seven part traditional music series starting on RTÉ 1 Friday  June 12th at 7.30pm.

‘The Reel Deal’ is an upbeat traditional music series with a contemporary twist.  It is a lively, dynamic series for young people, featuring young performers and fronted by three engaging presenters. It is presented by Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabhan, Brian O’Connell and Bláthnaid Ní Dhonnchadha, who all share an interest in, and passion for traditional music.

In the past traditional music was perceived by some as being old fashioned and the preserve of the older generation but there is now an
awareness of the growing numbers of young people drawn to the music. The sound and style of the younger musicians certainly draws
inspiration from past generations but is constantly changing, reflecting an air of confidence and experimentation not always found
with older musicians.

‘The Reel Deal’ combines music entertainment and performance with profiles of musicians and interviews and the series was shot on
location throughout Ireland, highlighting regional variations and styles in the music.

As well as performances from the very best young traditional musicians the series includes regular programme strands such as: musician
profiles, relevant feature items, exciting music videos and ‘Drawing from the Well’ where we get together two musicians from different

Our presenters are active onscreen presences interacting with the performers and taking part in their world, getting a behind the scenes
look at the contemporary world of traditional music.

The presenters of ‘The Reel Deal’ are:
Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabhan
Brian O’Connell
Bláthnaid Ní Dhonnchadha

‘The Reel Deal’ is a ForeFront production in association with RTÉ. The series was funded under the Sound & Vision funding scheme of the
Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

Sound: Stephan McLoughlin
Editor: Tony Murphy
Producer: Tony McCarthy
Director/Cameraman: Paschal Cassidy.

For further information please contact, Tony McCarthy, ForeFront
Productions, 021 4366000,

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