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Joanie Madden brings us an update on the band Cherish the Ladies

“In March, ‘Cherish the Ladies’ received the New York City Heritage award at city hall by city council speaker, Christine Quinn, and were honoured by the Westchester Legislature who named March 17th, ‘Cherish the Ladies Day’ in Westchester County, New York. We were also recently honoured by the city of San Antonio, Texas”.

We can also announce that Cherish leader, Joanie Madden, has just been named one of the top 50 most influential women in America by The Irish Voice newspaper. Joanie tells us that the band will be in the recording studio in August making an album to be released in the fall.

She also said, “Our individual band members have been very busy making brilliant albums! Kathleen Boyle, our piano player has released her debut solo alum entitled An Cailín Rua; founding member, Mary Coogan, has released a children’s album called The Big Ship Sails and our singer Michelle Burke has launched her first solo album entitled Pulling Threads.”

All the albums and more are available on the band’s website

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