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The band considered by many to be one of the best traditional Irish bands ever to be based in Continental Europe is re-forming for eight Belgian concerts later this year and next. Shantalla will play exclusive dates in Bierbeek, Dilbeek, Leopoldsburg, Lokeren, Bornem, Evergem-Sleidinge, Heist-op-den-Berg and Brussels.

Formed and based in Belgium, four members of Shantalla are Irish, while singer Helen Flaherty is Scottish. Their first CD, Shantalla, was released in Belgium on the Wild Boar Music label in 1998 and received rave reviews across Europe and North America. It was released worldwide on the Green Linnet label in 2000.

The band’s second CD, Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings, was released in 2001. The album featured self-composed material and contemporary songs as well as traditional material. Reviews were even better than those of Shantalla, with many critics saying it confirmed the band’s arrival as a major force on the international Celtic music scene. In 2005, the individual members went their separate ways, playing and recording in different formations, including with Dave Munnelly, Philip Masure, Luc Pilartz, Valerio, Mel Mercier, Maeve Kelly, Snaarmaarwaar and OMNIA. They still live in Belgium and have come together for a reunion tour to mark the 12th anniversary of their debut. We will have a full list of their dates in our next issue.

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