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Internationally acclaimed entertainers including The Pogues, Moya Brennan, Phil Coulter, Ash, Brian Kennedy, Sir James & Lady Galway, Michael Flatley, entrepreneur Bill Wolsey and sportsman Wayne McCullough have come together to lead in supporting the future of the world renowned Francis McPeake School of Music by purchasing ‘tiles’ within the ‘Mosaic of Support’.

The ‘Mosaic of Support’ is the brainchild of Francis McPeake IV and has been created to encourage musicians, businesses and music lovers across the globe to become a supporter of the school and keep the dream of learning traditional music alive.

Speaking about the campaign, Michael Flatley, said: “I wish The Francis McPeake School of Music the very best of luck. Music is a very important part of life, not just when we’re young but it’s also invaluable as we get older.”

An integral part of Northern Ireland’s musical culture, the school of excellence has provided thousands of pupils with traditional music tuition in its 32 year history. Many past pupils have taken their talent and the teaching received around the world to put the Francis McPeake School of Music on the international music map. The ‘Mosaic of Support’ will raise funds to take the school forward and produce a new generation of traditional musicians.

Francis McPeake IV said: “Francis McPeake IV said: “The support we have received for the school to date has been phenomenal and the great thing about this campaign is that via the internet, people can support us globally and, with the click of a mouse, see those who have endorsed us by purchasing a piece of the ‘Mosaic of Support’. Each supporter receives a tile on the virtual mosaic which will eventually form a piece of artwork created by award winning designer Jake Tilson.

“And that’s not all, since the McPeake ethos is that everyone can make music, this has inspired a new musical composition entitled ‘Jam Piece’ and we are encouraging all our supporters to record a note which will be incorporated into this new score.

“A documentary charting the school’s history is also being filmed and I hope that as many supporters as possible will record their note via the internet for ‘Jam Piece’ and feature within the documentary.”

Join the ‘Mosaic of Support’ by simply logging onto or calling +4428 9024 4544 for further details.

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