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Hair of Gold Eyes of Blue…..

TIPPERARY GIRL, the brand new single by Cashel singer/songwriter Billy O’Dwyer Bob has just been released and is enjoying a great reception. It has a country Cajun feel to it and the catchy chorus is very easy on the ear. “The new single has already reached Nashville and there is great interest in England” states Seán Laffey, editor of Irish Music Magazine.

Tipperary DJ’s are hailing the song as a hit and one that is sure to do well. Billy Bob would like to thank all who helped him with the single, including Joe Gallagher and his son Aran at GAF Studios, Tracey Culleton on backing vocals, Sean Feery on bass, Johnny Hickey on drums, Ailbe Grace on accordion, Sean Walsh on fiddle, and Joe Gallagher on guitar, mandolin and banjo.

Special thanks to Liam Coen for his inspirational banjo, and Seán Laffey for all his help and guidance. The single is available to buy at The Book Nook in Cashel or by ringing 062-62193. Downloads will be available soon on CDBABY.COM.

It’s also on You Tube at

Come on Kilkenny show us what ye have to offer!

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