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‘The Paddy’s Wake Sessions’ play the main stage at Whelan’s of Wexford Street for a 2nd time in three weeks. After the success of their gig on the 19th of August they were asked back again to perform on Friday September 4th. It will be the launch night for their debut Single ‘Begin Again’.

Nicknamed ‘The Recession Song’, ‘Begin Again’ is a song that reminds us that our ancestors have been through unimaginable times and survived, a Great Famine, a War of Independence, a bitter Civil War…

In these uncertain times ‘Begin Again’ encourages the listener to embrace the well of courage within, dust down, pull together, pick up the pieces and Begin Again where necessary. The proceeds of the gig are going to the very worthy charity Irish Autism Action.

Over the coming months the group will be recording the remaining tracks for their debut album (title still in debate) which is been recorded in various locations but mainly in a remote cottage in County Sligo.

‘The Paddy’s Wake Sessions’ is a collective of singer-songwriters / musicians , what started off as a group of local performers coming together for charity fundraisers is now a very unique collective with each member bringing an individual vocal, musical & lyrical style to the songs. The PWS are primarily acoustic based with acoustic guitars, piano, mandolin, bodhran and various percussive instruments.

The Paddy’s Wake Sessions take their audience through various genres and dynamics from tender love songs to rousing political commentaries. The diversity of the PWS music is one of the leading factors that make the gigs so appealing.

The group have gained a reputation for whipping up a tribal party atmosphere at their sessions and are quickly building a very loyal following who are very keen to spread the word.

The group’s motto is to Entertain, Move & Inspire their audience, not necessarily all at once. Tickets can be purchased on WAV Lo-Call 1890 200078 or on the door

‘Begin Again’ can be downloaded from

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