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Kilcolgan Audio Studio presents the first surround sound recording of Irish Traditional Music. It features a compilation of surround sound recordings of a variety of musicians in order to showcase the exceptional quality of Irish Traditional Music when delivered in 5.1 High Fidelity Surround Sound. The recording is available on DVD format and can be played on any DVD-player or Blu-Ray player that has DTS Surround Sound. In addition it will play with exceptional studio quality on DVD-Audio capable players in a high resolution format recording that is included on the DVD.

Musicians that were recorded include Noel Hill, Brian McGrath, Alec Finn, Johnny ’Ringo’ McDonagh, Laoise Kelly, Aiden Flanagan, Alan Kelly, Seamus Quinn and many others. One of the tracks has a live surround sound recording of Seosamh O’ Neachtains sean-nós dancing in Tigh Coili’s pub in Galway. Surround sound adds another dimension to the recorded music – all of the instruments have an incredible tone, quality of sound, and envelop the listener giving a spellbinding experience. All of tracks are original surround sound recordings for this DVD. Two bonus tracks are also provided – one of these has a mix that puts the listener in the middle of the musicians as compared to the original where the listener is in front of the musicians. Complementary still pictures are provided with each track and can be viewed on a TV. Highlights include superb performances by Noel Hill and Laoise Kelly.

The DVD is only available from the website located at

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