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“The Wind that Blows” Show every Saturday Night Changed from Friday nights. Box player Martin Donohue has been presenting a Friday evening Traditional music show on Shannonside Northern Sound. The show called “The Wind that Blows” has a good slot of 2 hours per week and features Irish traditional and folk music 8.00pm to 10pm Irish time The show is a gathering place for all things “folk”- artist info, resources like the folk festival listings, and most especially good music and song and lots of it. The radio show is on the web for family and friends overseas:

The show is part of the Nyah Co Cavan arts group work in keeping music live and giving access for all to the culture. If you have a CD you wish to have played or if you want to promote your tour/Gigs, share news etc. Martin is also behind Nyah the County Cavan Arts Festival which runs form March 10th -18th.
More information is available at

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