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It’s cultural and educational project with a new and innovative and fun approach to investigating and show-casing the art of traditional Irish fiddle music. ‘Fiddle Safari’ is the brainchild of fiddle player, Brendan Larrissey who will be hosting & participating in each ‘Fiddle Safari’ weekend throughout 2010. Brendan says he is really looking forward to the tunes, the sessions and the craic! The Irish fiddle, being one of the oldest instruments in our tradition, with its many different regional styles and is an integral part of traditional music. Irish fiddle music is loved and appreciated throughout the world and has a major influence on the traditional music of all the Celtic countries.

Fiddle Safari will bring the ’students’ to a number of selected master players, who represent the different regional styles and who come from different generations, thereby illustrating how the music has changed and developed over the decades. In short; bringing an enthusiastic audience to master performers. Also to offer an alternative to the usual concert style of performer audience relationship. We will give our fiddle students the opportunity to meet the master players in their own environment, where learning, conversing, participating and playing can be done in a friendly, fun and informal atmosphere.

Fiddle Safari is open to students both young and old and of varying levels of ability. We feel that through this structure the students will have a unique opportunity to learn, at first hand, from the masters themselves. The “personal touch” will be all important in this process.’ Fiddle Safari weekends are fully accommodated and catered for.
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