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If you have an iPhone and are in a session there’s new Irish App to help you “name that tune”. It’s called Tunepal, and the inventor claims it can identify as many as 13,000 traditional tunes. DIT lecturer, Dr. Bryan Duggan has devised this bit of software to detect the name of a tune played on a variety of instruments, so is ideal to find a tune name in the middle of a busy session. For only ?4.99 you can download Tunepal from the iTunes App Store.

Naming the tune is one thing but this software goes even further, it offers up historical details, so will come in handy as an instant reference the next time you need sleeve notes for your new CD. Think it’s a gimmick? Well think again, both Hammy Hamilton and Ciaran Tourish have used it prepare notes on the notes they were playing.
Tunepal has been brewing slowly for twenty years and it is only since the advent of smart phones with such large processing power that it really became a viable proposition in a session.
As we went to press it was available for Apple iPhone but a Google version is due out soon, it is alos availbe as a download for you’r PC. The cool thing is it can geo-locate the tune, for instance it can tell if the “Bucks” is really being played in Oranmore.

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