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Kíla ~ Soisín

The Model, Sligo February 5th @ 8pm

Kíla play the music from their critically acclaimed latest album, Soísin.

Lauded by the press as “magical”, “stunningly beautiful”, “hypnotic” and “truly spellbinding”, Soisín is the ninth studio album from Kíla. Soisín is named after, and dedicated to a young Irish woman, Máire ‘Soishin’ O’Halloran, who travelled to Japan to join a Zen Buddhist monastery and in three short years came to be regarded as a Buddhist Bodhisattva or a saint of compassion. She lost her life in a bus accident in Thailand on her way back home. While touring in Japan, Kíla flautist, Colm Ó Snodaigh heard and was inspired by her story. He wrote the tune Soisín, which, in turn became the name of the album.

Probably better known for their up tempo live performances, and although all their previous albums have slow pieces, this is the long awaited album which brings the softer/gentle aspect of their musical expression together. This is music to rest, to reflect and even to cry to. Primarily composed by Colm and Rossa Ó Snodaigh, Dee Armstrong and Eoin Dillon, it evokes Soisín’s story with a series of beauteous landscapes and mood pieces, built largely around dreamy fiddle and growly pipes, with everything from mournful trumpet to electric guitar drones, dog howls, ethereal choral interludes, Tibetan bells and musical saw in the mix as textures develop and auras shift.

Kíla have created their own distinctive style of World music, which has won over audiences around the world through their recordings to date and their spectacular live performances. Soisín shows both the exceptional musicianship of each of the members and that Kíla are very much connected to the invisible thread that ties generations of Irish musicians together. They continue to add to the thread and to our national treasure with new compositions and tunes.

Do not miss this very special intimate and once off gig at The Model.

Kíla play at The Model at 8 pm on Saturday February 5th and will be followed by a special late night session at The Trades Club featuring Seamus Begley and Tim Edey.

Tickets for Kíla are €15 / €12
Special ticket price for both gigs €20.00

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