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Ceoláras Coleman, Gurteen, Co. Sligo

At the most central crossroads in Co. Sligo, Gurteen Cross, stands  the modern, yet impressive building that is Ceoláras Coleman! This building is the focus for and home to a state of the art traditional music programme! The visitors’ experience is informal, welcoming and friendly. The Centre seeks to provide visitors with a tailor-made first-hand experience of traditional Irish music including a twelve minute audio-visual presentation. The Music Shop stocks an extensive selection of music CD’s, instruments, music books as well as souvenirs and books of local interest with a wider appeal.

A unique feature of the Coleman Centre is the all year round availability of individual/group music tuition in many instruments. Highly acclaimed musicians are available as tutors and with good forward planning, prospective students can arrange a programme to suit. An attractive one-day programme catering for Secondary School students is available, consisting of all aspects of traditional music from its historical background, regional styles and ornamentation to the contemporary music of today.

A programme for Transition Year students and National School students can be tailored to suit individual schools, bringing traditional music to life and making it more meaningful though workshops, step dancing, sessions, etc. Throughout the year, many top class traditional music concerts and shows are presented in the beautifully appointed 130 seat theatre.

Log on to for current details.To get the heritage of the past presented in today’s up to the minute facilities, Ceoláras Coleman, Gurteen, Co, Sligo is well worth a visit!

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