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THE KILKENNYS with narration by Cathal MacCabe

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem were a mu
sical phenomenon. One of the biggest bands to ever come out of Ireland, their influence can be heard everywhere from The Dubliners, U2, Van Morrison to the great Bob Dylan who claimed that Liam Clancy was the best ballad singer in the world. This show features the best new folk band to emerge from Ireland for years, The Killkennys, performing the hits that made The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem household names: The Holy Ground, I’ll Tell Me Ma, Will Ye Go, Lassie Go, The Parting Glass and, of course, Fine Girl Ye Are. This show tells their incredible journey in picture, song & story.

The Clancy Brothers were an Irish music sensation who took the US by storm in the early ’60’s - with Bob Dylan among their earliest supporters.  Bob Dylan and Liam Clancy became lifelong friends.  In fact Bob Dylan stole Liam Clancy’s girlfriend in the early days but they still remained friends right up to when Liam Clancy sadly passed away.    Bob Dylan always maintained that Liam Clancy was one of his main influences when he was starting out.  He never missed a chance to mention him in interviews throughout his career.

In 1956 Liam Clancy joined his older brothers in New York. They were part of the bohemian life in Greenwich Village, where the seeds of things to come were stirring and they rubbed shoulders in coffee shops and bars with still-unknown icons of the future like Woody Allen and Bob Dylan.

With Tommy Makem of Armagh they sang together for fun, until a television appearance on the Coast-to-Coast Ed Sullivan Show changed everything. Their moment had come and they were suddenly catapulted into a success and stardom that was to be of great significance in opening up Irish folk music to a mass audience.  Anyone too young to have known the live magic of the Clancy’s at their peak might get some small grasp of it when The Kilkenny’s perform their music as part of The Legendary Story of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem entitled ‘ FINE GIRL YE ARE’ at the National Concert Hall on Wednesday, 20th April at The National Concert Hall. Tickets are priced from €20 and are available from The National Concert Hall on (01) 417 0000 or log onto

About The Kilkennys

Over the past 12 years The Kilkennys have emerged from the traditional settings of the Irish pub scene as a group of musicians with the ability to  reinvigorate traditional Irish music and ballads and take them to a new generation. From the humble beginnings of a bunch of young school friends bonded by their love of Irish music, The Kilkennys have toured the length and breadth of Ireland gaining recognition as one of the country’s hardest working bands.

Having shared the stage with world renowned Irish artists like Shane McGowan and Finbar Furey and after countless performances to Irish communities all over the world, The Kilkennys have taken their music to an international stage and have become synonymous with modern Irish music.

They have successfully re-introduced Irish folk and ballads to a young audience while also winning the hearts of the more seasoned traditional music lovers.

Over 4,000 Czechs attempting to chant along to Irish ballads and chancing their luck at Irish dancing to the sound of The Kilkennys at the Irish Cultural Festival in Ostrava says it all. Their Germany shows are bigger and Las Vegas even bigger again. Every year the lads from the Marble City perform to thousands of fans all over the world and now The Kilkennys are fast becoming a household name.

The band was formed by brothers Adam and Dave Cashin with fellow pupil Tommy Mackey while attending St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny, Ireland. Their unique vocal and musical sound was completed some time later when Robbie Campion finalised the line up. Originally called “Uisce Beatha” the band have grown into a professional outfit and their name change to The Kilkennys marked their departure from the humble surroundings of the local pub to some of the best venues throughout Ireland. They have also become regular favourites at Irish festivals all over the world including Boston,Vermont, Connecticut, Las Vegas, New York, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Scotland where they play the famous Barrowlands venue in Glasgow. Not forgetting their roots, the band decided to name themselves after their beloved home of Kilkenny city, taking it with them wherever they perform.Their hard work and determination was recognised in 2008 when the band were signed to Dolphin Discs, a record label long associated with the finest and most recognised Irish musicians such as The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners. They released their live album and DVD ‘Meet The Kilkennys’ to much acclaim and have since enjoyed an escalation into mainstream Irish music that has lead to many radio and television performances. These included the Late Late Show, Ireland’s highest rating chat show, where they performed Shine On Kilkenny, an original song released to coincide with Kilkenny winning the All Ireland hurling final for a fourth year in a row.The album is a must have for any lover of Irish music and those who have lost faith in the traditional songs of Ireland should really give this album a listen. You will be pleasantly inspired.

Forget about the rebel tunes and Paddywhackery often associated with Irish music, this album contains true quality musicianship and is something we can all be proud of. From the opening tune of ‘Galway Girl’ to the finishing professional studio recordings of ‘Go Lassie Go’ and ‘Chandler Shop’, this album has it all – energy, emotion, fun and history.

There is something there for everyone. And, with a youthful image and modern sound, The Kilkennys have revitalised some of the finest Irish songs.

Now concentrating on building their international fan base through mini tours of Europe the UK and America, The Kilkennys are working on a forthcoming studio album which they hope will be another departure in their musical careers. The album is set to contain a collection of original tracks and renowned Irish songs with the expected injection of energy, melody and youth.

The best thing about The Kilkennys is that they reproduce their studio sound at all their shows and their performance is always full of energy and a set list sure to win crowds. Catch them live while you can! 

“Fine Girl Ye Are” - The Legendary Story of The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem takes place on Wednesday, 20th April at The National Concert Hall. Tickets are priced from €20 and are available from The National Concert Hall on (01) 417 0000 or log onto

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