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This ensemble was founded 11 years ago in New York by Mick Moloney, based at New York University and recording on the Waverly label. The orchestra is a loose and moveable collection of the best Irish musicians living in or passing through New York. They launched their most recent album on March 18th at the Blarney Star. The band included IMM’s New York correspondent Dan Milner. Professor Mick Moloney says of the Washington Squares “We play traditional Irish music with a focus on older tunes, tunes with New York City history, and tunes with interesting stories attached. Our repertory and sound recalls that of the Irish-American dance bands of the early twentieth century, including The Four Provinces Orchestra, Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band, Pat Roche’s Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, and Erin’s Pride Orchestra.”

Check out their MySpace web page for sound samples and also photographs from the launch night.

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